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Highland Aviation are an EASA/CAA Approved Training Organisation
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Flight Sharing

If you are hour building or just keen to get flying further afield and looking to reduce the cost of your flight then consider flight sharing.

Flight sharing (cost sharing) is simply a way to attract other people to come along with you, either one way, if you are landing away or on an A to A jolly flight. As the pilot you agree how much everyone will pay (this no longer has to be an equal share, but the pilot must pay something and is not allowed to knowingly profiteer).

Book your flight as normal with operations at Highland Aviation then let us know you'd like to share the flight by emailing us at and we will add your flight to this page and externally through social media (and perhaps This is something we have recently set up and suggestions are, as always, very welcome.

This is only possible now because of the changes announced by the CAA "Changes to European air operations and pilot licensing regulations, which have been brought forward in the UK, allow some flights that would otherwise be subject to commercial air transport rules, to be undertaken as if they were non-commercial." You can read the full details on the CAA website.


Existing Flight Share Requests

Date and Time Departing from Flight to Route Number of Places Cost Per Person
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