Flight Training Contracts for Government Agencies and Security Services



Gyroplanes have fast become the aircraft of choice for aerial surveillance operations. These versatile and reliable aircraft offer the unique ability to fly low and slow, whilst remaining safe and affordable.

As the world leader in gyroplane training, Highland Aviation remains the first choice training provider of the leading commercial gyroplane manufacturer Autogyro.


Highland Aviation have a thorough knowledge and experience training aerial surveillance pilots on all variants of Autogyro aircraft. As the first gyroplane flight school in the world to gain the gold standard "Approved Training Organisation Gyroplanes" (UK.ATOG.0001), we are at the leading edge of worldwide gyroplane training. In collaboration with the IAPGT, the authors of the most advanced and comprehensive gyroplane training syllabi available, we continue to develop courses and training techniques to suit the changing environment, and demands for these aircraft.

Autogyro say "Autogyro gyroplanes are created around a 'Platform Concept', whereby the aircraft itself works as a carrier of equipment or people, or both, to suit the mission requirements".

Whatever operations you wish to carry out, Autogyro has an aircraft suitable for the role, and Highland Aviation has the expertise and experience to train your pilots to the professional safety standards you expect.

Surveillance Roles

The number of national governments that have turned to gyroplanes over recent years has been astonishing. We now see these aircraft replacing aeroplanes and helicopters in various aerial surveillance roles: 

  • Police
  • Customs & Boarder Patrol
  • Coast Guard - Search 
  • Military Applications (command and control, communications and intelligence etc.)
  • Wildlife Conservation
  • National Park / Forestry Conservation
  • Fire Detection
  • Control of farm livestock
  • Aerial Photography and Filming
  • Powerline Inspection
  • Support for Civil Protection
  • Crop Spraying


Professional Pilot Training

Depending on your operations, our training courses can be tailored to suit your requirements. We work closely with our professional training body the IAPGT, who have internationally recognised training methods and syllabus. These syllabi have been adopted by the UK Civil Aviation Authority for all gyroplane training, and are now being adopted by other national authorities.

The following is a selection of our standard courses often chosen by the agencies we work with: 

  • PPL(G) - Private Pilots Licence (Gyroplanes)
  • Aircraft Differences Training
  • Mentored Hour Building Programme
  • Mountain Flying Course
  • Pilot Development Course
  • Night Rating
  • Night Operations Course
  • Flight Instructor Course

Many of our customers choose to carry out initial PPL(G) training in the UK in order to gain the UK PPL(G) licence. However, all courses can be carried out either in the UK or your own country, and is entirely dependant on your training requirements.

Why Choose Highland Aviation?

  • Highland Aviation became the first UK CAA Approved Training Organisation Gyroplanes (UK.ATOG.0001). This was the first approval of this type anywhere in the world. As the World Leader in Gyroplane Training, we are uniquely approved to offer all gyroplane pilot courses currently available in the UK.
  • Highland Aviation is experienced in working with various foreign governments, having previously completed a number of intensive group training contracts in the UK and abroad. We believe we are the only gyroplane flight school worldwide able to offer these courses, with appropriately qualified flight instructors, rigorous training syllabi, enabling pilots to achieve the highest safety and professional standards.
  • Highland Aviation is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (BAC) for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. This means that Highland Aviation not only achieves an internationally recognised education standard, but is the only UK flight school currently able to sponsor international students via the Standard Visitor Visa route.
  • Inverness Airport is one of the best places in the UK to learn to fly. It has the best of all scenarios. It is a major regional airport, providing opportunities for trainee pilots to fly alongside and become comfortable with a variety of commercial jets and private traffic within the airport’s ATZ. Whilst the surrounding airspace has little traffic, allowing us a great deal of freedom in flight. We have two runways, full Air Traffic Control coverage, and the runway has full lighting for night flying operations. Statistically, Inverness Airport enjoys more good weather flying days than any other airport in the UK.

 For further information please contact us.

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