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Will - Director / Flight Examiner

Will has been a Director of Highland Aviation since October 2017, having enjoyed previous careers in the Armed Forces, Structural Engineering and International Education. His previous experience in people/project management is allowing rapid change and improvement to this growing company.

In addition to his directorial responsibilities, Will is also our Head of Gyrocopter Training, and primarily teaches advanced pilot courses and trainee flight instructors from around the UK and abroad.

Qualifications: PPL(G), NR, FI(G), FIC(G), FE(G)

Instructs: PPL(G), Pilot Development Course, Flight Instructor Course FI(G), Night Rating, Mountain Flying Course, Beach Landing Course

Examines: PPL(G) & Theoretical Knowledge



Nick - Director / Business Manager

Nick joined Highland Aviation in August 2019, and comes from a background of management and leadership in international educational, holding posts in Slovakia, Italy, Vietnam, Austria and India. Having worked with Will over a number of years previously, Nick's interpersonal skills and management style complement the new vision for the company.

Nick manages the majority of the business administration, and is also a Gyrocopter Pilot.





Aidan - Head of Training

Aidan has previously trained and worked in a variety of countries, from Uganda and Australia, to the Isle of Skye.

During his time with Highland Aviation, Aidan has proved his professionalism, expertise and dedication to flight training. Aidan's calm and composed manner continues to be popular amongst our students.

He has a variety of hobbies, including urban exploration and computer programming, and is a qualified Chef.

Qualifications: CPL(A), MEIR, FI(A), GR

Instructs: LAPL(A), PPL(A), Night Rating, LAPL Conversion, Beach Landing and Mountain Flying courses

Examines: Theoretical Knowledge



Hamish - Flight Instructor

Hamish joined us in 2020 when he qualified as a Flight Instructor. He has a great sense of humour and is a reliable and popular member of the team. In his spare time, Hamish is a keen yachtsman.

Hamish has built his experience flying single and multi-engine pistons.

Qualifications: CPL(A), MEIR, FI(A)

Instructs: LAPL(A), PPL(A), Night Rating, LAPL Conversion, Beach Landing and Mountain Flying courses



Aitken - Flight Instructor

Aitken is an experienced pilot, flying since 1991. An aircraft owner himself, Aitken has extensive experience flying simple and complex aircraft.

Qualifications: PPL(A), CRI(A), IR(R), NR

Instructs: SEP Revalidations, Complex Conversions, EASA LAPL to PPL Conversions, NPPL to EASA PPL Conversions, Mountain Flying Course, Beach Landing Course


Nick Ph

Nick - Flight Instructor

Nick joined us in 2021, and with his good humour, professionalism, (and good appetite for cakes) means he fits right in at Highland Aviation.

Nick's primary role is to teach the Private Pilot's Licence to new Gyrocopter pilots, as well as flying air experience flights / trial lessons. 

Qualifications: PPL(G), FI(G), GE(G)

Instructs: PPL(G)

Examines: Theoretical Knowledge


Trevor - Flight Instructor


Trevor has been instructing Gyrocopter pilots for a number of years based at York. He primarily works with our trainees in our international pilot training programme.

His charming nature and experience brings a touch of class to our students training experience.

Qualifications: PPL(G), FI(G), GE(G)

Instructs: PPL(G)

Examines: Theoretical Knowledge


Lloyd - Flight Instructor


Lloyd joins us from Brighton, and primarily works with our trainees in our international pilot training programme.

Lloyd is an enthusiastic, knowledgeable and keen aviator with an eye for detail.

Qualifications: PPL(H), PPL(G), FI(G)

Instructs: PPL(G)




Russell - Flight Examiner

Russell is an Airline Training Captain and has had a long relationship with Highland Aviation over the years. 


Liam - Flight Examiner

Liam is an Airline Pilot as well as a flight and FRTOL examiner. 





Joss - Operations Administrator

Joss joined Highland Aviation in 2018 and is responsible for the smooth running of our day-to-day activities and back-office administration.  He has an extensive understanding of the aviation industry, and is also a fixed wing pilot.

You can also find Joss on YouTube as "Doofer911" where he hosts many videos and live streams related to aviation and flight simulation, so why not join his 60,000 Subscribers!


Craig - Operations Team 

Craig joined the team in 2020, and works Part-time in the Operations department. A Pilot himself, Craig continues to study towards his Airline Transport Pilot's Licence theoretical knowledge examinations in his spare time.

Craig is also a rugby referee for the Highland Rugby Referee's Society.



Christie - Operations Team

Christie joined the team in 2022, and works Part-time in the Operations department. 

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the  "Green" air freight and logistics industry, Christie brings new insight and skills to support and broaden our skill set.




Barry - Maintenance Manager

Barry has been with us since 2013. He has many years of experience within the aviation industry as well as a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He currently holds EASA and BCAR licences covering a wide range of aircraft from the PA38 all the way up to the DC3. Additionally, Barry also holds an FAA licence and is an approved LAA Inspector for aeroplanes and gyroplanes.

Barry's primary role is the day-to-day running of the maintenance hangar, ensuring that all aircraft maintenance is carried out to the highest standard.



Roxana - Aircraft Engineer

Roxana joined us in early 2022. With 13 years working in the aircraft maintenance industry. Her prior experience spanned several areas within the Lufthansa group. She started in the engine shop working on turbo prop and turbo fan engines, before a line maintenance position working on Embraer and Bombardier airframes and engines. Latterly her role included line and base maintenance of various Boeing and Airbus aircraft.

Roxana's role at Highland Aviation is to assist the Maintenance Manager and to take on greater management responsibility as the maintenance department develops. 



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