Our Facilities


The Highland Aviation carpark is located beyond the long stay carpark. It is free to use for our visiting customers, and the entrance to our reception building is directly opposite. Our video demonstration shows the route from the airport entrance to our car park.

Car Park



We have an accessible entrance to our reception building. Once inside you will be greeted by one of our Operations Team, who will make you comfortable and answer any questions you might have.

Highland Aviation Reception



Our lounge area is the perfect place to relax with a tea or coffee.  The views across the airport are captivating, watching all sizes and types of aircraft taking off and landing.

Highland Aviation Lounge


Training Classrooms

We have three training classrooms, Classroom 1 is for our Gyrcopter Students, whilst Classrooms 2 & 3 are for our Fixed Wing Students.



Pilot's Rest Area

The Pilot's Rest Area boasts a functional kitchen for food and drink preparation, as well as a social seating area for our members.

Rest Area


Pilot Shop

Our Pilot Shop holds stock of all required books and equipment required for flight training at Highland Aviation. We also have a selection of branded clothing and merchandise for our customers.




Our toilets are accessible for those in wheelchairs.

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