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Handling & PPR Information

Inverness Airport


NOTICE:  Since 2018 all visiting aircraft to Inverness Airport are subject to mandatory handling.  
Highland Aviation acts as the primary handling agent for all visiting aircraft under 6 tons.  Larger aircraft are handled by Signature Flight Support or Highland Jet Centre.  All three Handling Agents are located on the North Apron with direct Airside/Landside access.
At Highland Aviation you are guaranteed a warm welcome from our staff, with a friendly, helpful and professional Air Traffic Control service.  We offer discounted handling fees for members and those taking on AVGAS from our supply.



Highland Aviation offer the following services to our handled customers:

    • Arranging PPR with Inverness Apron Operations.
    • Meeting & Greeting your aircraft on arrival.
    • Assistance with tie downs & chocks as required.
    • Passenger & Crew escort to the Highland Aviation reception building.
    • Vehicle escort service for apron drop off and pick up by arrangement.
    • Refuelling service (100LL Avgas readily available, Jet A1 by prior arrangement).
    • Fast direct landside/airside access through our building.
    • Administration of Landing & Handling fees on behalf of the airport.
    • Use of the reception building lounge, toilets, with Wifi and car parking facilities.
    • Hot and cold drinks, and snacks provided.
    • Organisation of hire cars, taxi’s and accommodation by arrangement.
    • Assistance with flight planning.
    • Engineering services through our onsite aircraft maintenance engineers and CAMO, including a wide range Oils, lubricants and generic aircraft parts.
To view our facilities please follow this link...


Rates: Domestic Private Light Aircraft with PPR

The following rates only apply to Private Light Aircraft who receive PPR through us prior to arrival at Inverness Airport.  The reduced rate landing fee only applies to aircraft under 3 tonnes on a VFR arrival.  IFR arrivals are charged the standard per tonne landing fee rate. Prices Include VAT.

 Aircraft Weight

Handling Fee

Airport Landing Fee

£24.75 (per tonne)

Airport Parking Fee*

(per 24 hours)

Airport Hangarage Fee**

(per 24 hours)

0 - 1 Tonnes MTOW £20 £22.30 (Reduced)  £3.60 £5.46
1 - 2 Tonnes MTOW £20 £22.30 (Reduced)  £7.20 £10.92
2 - 3 Tonnes MTOW £35 £22.30 (Reduced) £10.80 £16.38
3 - 4 Tonnes MTOW £50


£14.40 £21.84
4 - 5 Tonnes MTOW £65


£18.00 £27.30
5 - 6 Tonnes MTOW £80


£21.60 £32.76
    • Highland Aviation Members receive a £10 discount on Handling Fees as well as a reduced rate on AVGAS uplifts.
    • All customers receive a £10 discount on Handling Fees if 70 litres (or more) of AVGAS is uplifted.
    • Resident aircraft at Inverness are exempt from handling fees.
    • *Calculated from Landing to Take-off, first 2 hours are free.
    • **Aircraft Hangarage is subject to availability of hangar space.  The Hangarage Fee is paid in addition to the Parking Fee.


Arriving without PPR

  • An additional £10 Handling Fee will be added if a customer does not request PPR through Highland Aviation before arrival.
  • Airport Landing Fees will be charged at the Standard Rate of £24.75 per tonne rather than the Reduced Private Light Aircraft Rate.


All Training Flights - With a completed HIAL Rebate Form

  • Aircraft between 0 - 2 Tonnes will be charged £20 combined fee covering Landing and Handling Fees.
  • Touch and Go's are charged at £5 per touch and go.


IFR, International Flights and Commercially owned/operated aircraft with PPR

The following rates apply to other aircraft who receive PPR through us prior to arrival at Inverness Airport.  Prices Exclude VAT.

Aircraft Weight

Handling Fee

(ex. VAT)

Airport Landing Fee

£20.62 (per tonne ex. VAT)

Airport Parking Fee

£3.0(per tonne ex. VAT, per 24 hours)

Airport Hangarage Fee*

£4.55 (per tonne ex. VAT, per 24 hours)

0 - 1 Tonnes MTOW £80  £20.62 £3.00 £4.55
1 - 2 Tonnes MTOW £80 £41.24 £6.00 £9.10
2 - 3 Tonnes MTOW £80 £61.86 £9.00 £13.65
3 - 4 Tonnes MTOW £120


£12.00 £18.20
4 - 5 Tonnes MTOW £120 £103.10 £15.00 £22.75
5 - 6 Tonnes MTOW £120 £123.72 £18.00 £27.30
    • *Calculated from Landing to Take-off, first 2 hours are free.
    • **Aircraft Hangarage is subject to availability of hangar space.  The Hangarage Fee is paid in addition to the Parking Fee.
    • An additional £50 Admin fee is applied to International flights requiring a GAR form to be completed and arrangement of UK Border Force checks.


Out of hours charges

 Time Additional Fee
Between 20:00 - 22:30 Local Time £60
Between 22:30 - 06:00 Local Time (Airport normally closed) £180
Between 06:00 - 08:00 Local Time £60
    • Prices specified by weight are charged per tonne or part thereof. 
    • All airport prices have been taken from the 2020/21 Terms and Conditions of Use & Airport Charges for HIAL Airports document published by HIAL can be seen here:


PPR Request Form

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