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Mountain Flying Course


Mountain Flying


The Mountain Flying Course offers local and visiting pilots alike the fantastic opportunity to fly through the spectacular mountain ranges of the Scottish Highlands. The course consists of a one-hour briefing and four hours of breath-taking flying. There is no set route and very little restricted airspace, so if there is a particular valley you want to fly down, or a peak you want to circle, then there is a good chance we will able to.

This is a good-weather course offered throughout the year.


Training Packages

Our aim is always to be transparent about the cost of pilot training, and we endeavour to explain the full cost upfront.  Our training packages include bulk discounts and are designed to free the buyer from the financial burden of hidden costs.

For customers that would rather spread the cost of training, we also offer a pay-as-you-go scheme. Please contact our team for more information and rates.




Mountain Flying Course Package

Classroom tuition and 4 hours of Mountain Flying from £838.

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