Gyroplane Pilot Training Courses

Flying with us at Inverness Airport

Inverness Airport is one of the best places in the UK to learn to fly.  Here are just a few reasons why we think so:

-  A dedicated team of professional Gyroplane Instructors and aircraft engineers.

-  In 2021 Highland Aviation became the first UK CAA Approved Training Organisation Gyroplanes (UK.ATOG.0001). As a World Leader in Gyroplane Training, we are uniquely approved to offer all gyroplane pilot courses currently available in the UK.

- Highland Aviation is accredited by the British Accreditation Council for Independent Further and Higher Education as a Short Course Provider. This means that Highland Aviation is able to sponsor international students via the Standard Visitor Visa route. See further information.

- Highland Aviation is the Primary training provider recommended by Autogyro, the market leading German gyroplane manufacturer. We regularly carry out intensive group pilot training for foreign governments both in the UK and abroad. See further information.

-  Full Air Traffic Control coverage, including Tower and Radar services, with professional, friendly, and a helpful team of Air Traffic Controllers.  You will learn and become confident in full and correct radio communications.

-  We have two runways, the main runway 23/05 (1887m x 46m) which is fully lit for night flying, and the cross runway 11/29 (700m x 18m). This gives us great flexibility when training, and can continue to operate in all wind conditions.

-  Whilst Inverness is a major regional airport, the airspace surrounding us is quiet.  This is the best of all scenarios, mixing and being comfortable with a variety of commercial and private traffic at the airport, whilst allowing us a great deal of freedom.

-  The weather in-and-around Inverness enjoys a micro-climate which allows flight training to continue throughout the year. Statistics from the website shows that Inverness is "1st best VFR conditions of United Kingdom". This means we have more suitable weather for flying than any other location in the UK.

-  We are situated within the most stunning scenery in the world.  Within an hour of Inverness you can also be Island-hopping in the Orkneys or the Inner Hebrides.

-  As a pilot you have a choice of locations to land away, including tarmac, grass and beach runways on the mainland and Islands.

- We are open seven days a week, with friendly and welcoming staff.  We boast a smart clubhouse with direct airside access, briefing rooms, lounge, kitchen and toilet facilities, as well as a free carpark for our customers.

-  With excellent transport links and daily jet flights from around the UK, Highland Aviation has become the Flying School of choice for those hoping to escape the busy skies of the South.

- As a major UK holiday destination, why not bring your family along so that they may enjoy the many local activities and sights, whilst you concentrate on your studies.

Initial Pilot Course

Our initial pilot course is for people who do not yet hold a gyroplane pilot's licence.  It is the first step in becoming a gyroplane pilot.

For those who already hold pilot licences in other aircraft categories, the course can be modified, and requires less training.


The Private Pilot's Licence (Gyroplanes) is the first step for all those wishing to fly these amazing aircraft. 

Advanced Pilot Courses

The courses below are for existing pilots wishing to improve their skills, or further their qualifications or privileges.  Some courses have prerequisite flight experience requirements. 

Night Rating

The Night Rating training allows the Gyrocopter pilot to fly during the hours of official night.

Pilot Development Course

For those wishing to progress their flying skills from Private Pilot towards Master Pilot Standard. These advanced exercises develop the pilot's ability and ultimately increase safety.

Mountain Flying Course

Our Mountain Flying Course gives existing pilots an appreciation of the techniques and safety considerations when flying through mountainous terrain.  Due to our Highland location, all our Flight Instructors are intimately familiar and well practiced with these techniques.

Beach Landing Course

Our Beach Landing Course offers the unique opportunity for existing pilots to fly to, and land at, Sollas Beach Aerodrome or Barra Airport, the only beach-based airfield in the world that accepts commercial traffic.

Instructor Courses

The following courses are for those wishing to become Flight Instructors.  From our experience, there is no more rewarding way to enjoy a career in aviation than to pass that knowledge on to our student pilots.


Our Flight Instructor (Gyroplanes) course will enable the holder to safely and confidently instruct others for their initial PPL(G) qualification.

Night Training Endorsement

The Night Training Endorsement enables instructors to teach the Night Rating to PPL(G) holders.


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