Night Rating (Gyroplanes)

Night Rating Gyroplanes


The Night Rating is a challenging, enjoyable and extremely useful course allowing PPL(G) holders to exercise the privileges of their licence during the hours of official night in a suitably equipped gyroplane.

Whilst many Gyrocopter pilots plan to fly during daylight hours, there are occasions when travelling further afield and facing headwinds, that our best laid plans start to slip, and we incur delays.  This course is very much presented as a "get home safely" course, and gives you the competence to land at lit airfields after dark.

For the uninitiated, there is an assumption that flying at night is very similar to flying during the day. This cannot be further from the truth. There are number of aspects to flying that the experienced VFR pilot takes for granted, and are shocked that they cannot rely on their usual senses at night.

Therefore, this course prepares you for the additional challenges, discusses aspects of additional risk, and prepares you to carry out night flights in the safest possible way.

Course Outline

In accordance with Standards Document 44, the course shall comprise a minimum of:

  • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction.
  • 3 hours dual instruction by sole reference to the instruments.
  • 5 hours of flight time at night, including.
    • at least 3 hours of dual instruction.
    • at least 1 hour of dual cross country navigation.
    • 5 solo night circuits, each to include a take off and a full stop landing.

Similar to the PPL(G), you will be required to prove your proficiency before being allowed to fly the solo night circuits.

There are no flight examination for the issue of the rating and no revalidation or renewal requirements. In order to carry passengers, one night take-off and landing within the preceding 90 days is required.

Minimum requirements to start the Course

  • PPL(G) holder with a current Certificate of Revalidation.
  • Relevant differences training must be signed off in the pilots log book prior to flying solo at night.
  • 50+ hrs flown P1 on a gyroplane, which must have been attained since the issue of the PPL(G).
  • Hold a valid medical certificate or declaration.

You may carry out the course in a school aircraft or your own aircraft if fitted with all required night rated equipment. So long as both pilot an instructor have easy visual access to all the required flight instruments. Therefore, training can only be carried out in a side-by-side aircraft, or a tandem aircraft with a full set of night instruments in the rear seat. Note: at present in the UK no tandem aircraft are considered suitably equipped for night training, however, those with night equipment fitted are suitable for night flying once you hold the rating.

Accordingly, it is anticipated that many candidates may need to use the school Cavalon Pro Gyroplane that is equipped for night training.  As such, if you have little of no experience flying Cavalon aircraft, you may need to factor in some additional type differences training prior to the course.

On completion of the course your night rating is valid for any suitably equipped gyroplane that you are already able to fly. There is no "Night differences" training between aircraft.

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