50 years on I get to fly a Gyrocopter

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Keith L
Keith L

I booked a 1 hour flight experience in an open two seater Gyrocopter to finish off my 5 day whistle stop tour of the North Coast 500 route in my convertible. I chose the open Gyrocopter in line with the 'top down' holiday during superb weather.

Whilst my flight was delayed because of low cloud my instructor Nick Phippen used some of the time to take me out to the aircraft and explain some of the principles of flying a Gyrocopter.

I didn't realise until after Nick took off that the next 45 minutes would be a structured and gradual introduction to the 3 controls: Stick, Throttle and Rudder pedals.

It was exhilarating as I had always wanted to fly a Gyrocopter since my early 20's and I am now in my early 70s'

To say I was impressed with the experience is an understatement and I am grateful for the way Nick 'steered' me through that 45 minutes with utter calm and professionalism.

If you have ever fancied a similar experience these are the people to fly with.

Date of experience: May 2023
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